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Nato Standardization Agreement (Stanag) Number 2066


As a professional, I know the importance of writing content that is not only informative, but also optimized for search engines. In this article, we will take a closer look at the NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) Number 2066 and its significance for the defense industry.

What is STANAG 2066?

STANAG 2066 is a NATO standard that governs the exchange of military geospatial information (MGI) in digital form. MGI includes a wide range of data such as maps, imagery, and terrain information. The standard was developed to ensure interoperability among NATO member nations and to streamline the exchange of MGI between different command and control systems.

Why is STANAG 2066 important?

STANAG 2066 is an essential tool for military operations, as it enables the exchange of critical intelligence and situational awareness information in real-time. The standard ensures that all NATO members use the same coding and data structures, which helps to eliminate errors and avoid data loss during transmission. By using a standardized format, NATO can also ensure that MGI can be easily shared between different systems and platforms, regardless of the country of origin.

Who uses STANAG 2066?

STANAG 2066 is used by all NATO member nations, as well as other countries that participate in NATO-led operations. The standard is also widely used in the defense industry, as many military contractors must comply with NATO standards to be eligible for contracts. In addition, other organizations, such as humanitarian agencies, may also use STANAG 2066 to exchange information with military organizations in the field.

How is STANAG 2066 implemented?

STANAG 2066 is implemented through a variety of software applications and systems, including geographic information systems (GIS), mission planning systems, and command and control systems. These systems must be capable of importing and exporting data in the STANAG 2066 format to ensure interoperability with other systems. In addition, users must adhere to strict protocols for data handling and transmission, including the use of encryption and other security measures.


In conclusion, STANAG 2066 is a critical tool for the NATO alliance and its partners, enabling the exchange of military geospatial information in a standardized format. The standard helps to ensure interoperability, eliminate errors, and streamline the exchange of critical intelligence information. As a professional, I hope this article has provided a clear and concise overview of STANAG 2066 and its significance for the defense industry.

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